I promise I have soemthing in the works. It is a rather lengthy post with two recipes and between the little girl (2 yrs) and the baby boy (6 months) blogging is getting harder to find time for. I have been doing it llittle by little and hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.

I hope!


Thanks for Thinking of Me!

Thanks Connie!
Even though I have been MIA for a few weeks I was still thinking about this award and it made me excited to come back to blogging! Thank you, thank you thank you! I saw that Heather gave you one and I was excited for you!
I follow a way too many blogs and keep telling myself I need to cut back, but it is so hard when there are so many amazing ones out there. Because I have been separated from the computer for the past few weeks, I am going to catch up and post some of my favorite food ones and pass this award along this afternoon!
And now that I am back I have a few new posts in the works to bring my blog up to date!
Thanks again Connie!